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Improved Cleaning Solutions
Whether you ride the sandy shores or brave the off-road experience, our service team uses ADVANCED cleaning, degreasing, and lubricating supplies to keep you riding LONGER and CLEANER!
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Commuters, Weekend-Riders, and everyone in-between is welcome to schedule an appointment or walk-in for SAME-DAY service! Whether it be a tube or brand new set of tires, our technicians can rapidly get your bike in the shop and out in less than an hour!
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Original Bike Shop

New Bike Service Area

In 2018 our local bike shop “Bike N’ Kite” closed its doors leaving many locals worrying about where they could bring their bikes for quality tune-ups and repairs. We realized this was an essential business to keep in town and considering we have a few employees that are avid bicyclists and had experience working in bike shops we decided to take on the task. With about a year of planning we came up with a 140 sq-ft service area in the back of our store devoted just for bike repair. This worked well for the first year but demand took off in 2020. This spike made us realize we had to expand our services. We have now allocated 500 sq-ft to bicycle service and staff 2 full time and 2 part time bike mechanics. Our goal is to provide exceptional service at a reasonable price to make sure our customers are excited to come back for services or product we have in store.

Walk-ins are always welcome but you may also schedule your service below. Their are limited time slots available for our services so if you do not see a day that works for you on the calendar please drop your bike(s) off at anytime that our store is open. You can also schedule us to pick up from your house in the booking calendar at the bottom of this page. If you need your bike picked up and there is no availability on the day you would like below please give us a call and we can schedule a pick up for you.

Service Rates

Basic Tune-up

Get Your Bike Ready To Ride
$ 85
  • Brake Inspection & Adjustment
  • Derailleur Inspection & Adjustment
  • Cleaning & Lubricating of Moving Parts
  • Tires Inflated & Checked for Defects or Leaks

Full Tune-Up

Get The Most Out of Your Bike
$ 105
  • Everything From a Basic Tune-Up
  • Minor Wheel Truing
  • Repack Bearings With Grease
  • Replace Necessary Components

Premium Tune-Up

Better Than New
$ 210
  • Everything From a Full Tune-Up
  • Cables and Housings Replaced
  • Chain Replaced
  • New Brake Pads, Grips and Tubes

Schedule Your Service

If your day is not available you may still drop your bike off at anytime. We will do our best to put our reservations on the front of the list but your repair may still be delayed depending on parts availability.

If you need a minor service such as a flat tire repair or a small adjustment please do NOT put in a reservation. These reservations should be for tune ups and major repairs.

Certain days are blocked out by default. We do not accept reservations on these days (such as Sunday) but still welcome bikes to be dropped off for repair. These days are blocked off due to technician availability but we may still get to your bike if you drop it off on a blocked out day.

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Number of Bikes*:

Details of Repairs Needed:

Pick-Up / Delivery:

Address to pickup or deliver bike (if needed):


Call 631-288-1544 ext. 21 for any question, anytime!