Westhampton True Value's Official Return Policy

We love our customers and we will do our best to make sure everyone is completely satisfied with every transaction! That being said we are a small business and we rely on some guidelines to make sure returns are handled appropriately to benefit both our customers and our business.

No returns or exchanges without a receipt

We can accept any proof of purchase generated from our stores point of sale system. This includes paper receipts, pictures of in store paper receipts, email copies of receipts, and employee retrieved receipts from house accounts or “True Value Rewards” accounts. If you do not have an account or TVR account we will not be able to retrieve a copy of your receipt.

We will be happy to look up your recent purchases and receipts that were purchased within the last year on an account or under your “True Value Rewards” account if you had provided your “TVR” information at the register at time of purchase.

To prevent abuse of our exchange program and fraud there is no exception to this rule.

30 - Day return policy

To accommodate for proper inventory on hand we can not accept items purchased more then 30 days after the original purchase date.

We must be able to sell the product you return

The product and packaging of the item you are returning must be in a condition we can sell to another customer. Please keep this in mind when unboxing your item. If you must damage the packaging to remove the product and find the item does not work for its intended purpose we will be able to offer you a store credit as long as it falls within 30 days of purchase and you have the receipt.

If your product had failed due to a manufacturing defect within 30 days of purchase we will exchange it for a new one. This does not cover damage from improper use of the item. Westhampton True Value is not responsible for any damage to an item once it has been purchased.

We stand behind our product

If one of our products manufactured by the “True Value Company” fail within the warranty period bring it back to our store and we will gladly exchange it for a new one or use the credit toward another product.

True Value manufactures brands such as Green Thumb, Master Mechanic, Master Plumber, Master Tradesman, Master Electrician, and True Value Manufacturing.

If you have a product from another manufacture purchased in our store you will have to contact that manufacturer for warranty information. 

In-Store returns only

All returns or exchanges must be done in store. We can not refund a transaction over the phone or email.

Labor is non-refundable

We take pride in provided excellent services such as Weber grill repair,  bike service, and deliveries. If we did not meet or exceed your expectations from our services we will do everything we can to make it right. Our services are provided by trained professionals. The labor for these services is final and we can not offer a refund or exchange for our services.

No returns on ladders

For insurance reasons we can not take ladders back for return or exchange. All ladder sales are final.

No returns on Toilet supplies and accessories

For hygienic reasons we can not accept returns on plungers, plumbing snakes, and opened toilet accessories such as toilet seats and flappers.

No returns on loose hardware (Nuts & Bolts)

There is a 100% restocking fee for loose hardware . . . you’re better off keeping it in your parts drawer.

Bag Tax is final

New York State and Suffolk Country enforce a non-refundable $.05 tax on all single use bags. This includes paper bags. This tax is to encourage customers to skip taking a bag to preserve the environment. When making a return we can not accept the used bag for a credit as this bag has been used and fulfilled its life cycle. We can not issue this bag to another customer (you probably wouldn’t want us giving you a used bag from a previous customer) and it must be thrown out by an employee which would defeat the purpose of the tax.